The estate’s three hectares lie at the heart of the village of Mont-sur-Rolle, on a La Côte hillside between Geneva and Lausanne. Each plot of vines is devoted to a specific form of production so as to take full advantage of the characteristics of the clay-limestone soils and southern exposure, facing towards Lake Geneva.

  • La Cocogne, a steeply sloping plot with an ideal orientation, is devoted to growing Chasselas.

  • La Favaz, to the right of the church, is given over to Pinot Noir and small-scale production: Pinot Gris, Chasselas Violet and Gamaret.

  • Le Clos, adjoining the residence and its fruit trees, is reserved for Pinot Noir.

The vines are grown on a permanent cordon. Seeking quality and respect for nature, the estate is run using integrated production with controlled yields. The grapes are harvested by hand.


Coraline de Wurstemberger firmly prioritises tradition, both in the winery and at the vines. Chasselas wines are matured in the family’s large oak casks where they undergo alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Oenologist Claude’s winemaking activities take place in the winery, located in the neighbouring village.

The estate’s bottle, known as the ‘vaudoise antique’, was selected for its elegance and density. Corks are still used to stop the bottles. The labels are inspired by those used at Hautecour a century ago.

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Notre adresse

Domaine Les Dames de Hautecour
Coraline de Wurstemberger
Route de la Noyère 10
1185 Mont-sur-Rolle – Suisse

Téléphone : +41 21 826 09 18

Horaires d'ouverture

Accueil au domaine

le jeudi de 17h00 à 20h00

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